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One city, two sides

If the age-old perceptions of Prague don't excite you, wait till you read this. In spite of its well-known history, Prague is a young city that's leading the way in contemporary art and design, complete with underground subcultures, hidden street art and graffiti. Follow a local guide and discover this other side of Prague, away from the touristy path.

Since the fall of communism in 1989, Prague has changed dramatically, and the best way to understand this is by interacting with locals and talking about how their lives have transformed. Visit graffiti artists and learn about their motivations, styles and techniques.

For a truly one of a kind experience, attend a performance, think theatre, circus and music, in a former slaughterhouse.




Couples, Solo


Apr - Oct


1 Day

  • Check out Prague's street art scene, and get a glimpse of Prague's legal graffiti wall. Join the fun and create your very own graffiti masterpiece.

  • Explore the quirky Vietnamese market and community in Prague.

  • Visit a community-funded art theatre located in a former slaughterhouse.

  • Explore an old factory building that turned in to a cultural centre for young creatives.

  • Visit the Hackers Crypto-Anarchist Institute.



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