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If you’ re a real experiential traveller,
We want to hear your stories!

Know how to make the most of the classical music season in Vienna? Have you identified the best vegetarian food joints in Japan? Did you party it up in Prague last winter break?

We want to hear about your unique experiences, your vacation tips and holiday hacks! We want stories that bring out a unique piece of you and connect on a personal level to Indian travellers who share similar interests.

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  • Real experience-led, international travel stories
  • Informational stories based on your real
    experiences and aren’t otherwise found online
  • Stories that are relevant to the Indian traveller
  • Someone who is passionate about travel
  • Someone who loves to have new experiences
    whenever they go somewhere
  • Someone with a flair for travel writing, who can,
    translate their experiences into captivating stories.
  • Someone who likes to share travel tips with others

How it works

Share a sample of your writing

with us & let us know which destinations you’ve travelled to.

We’ll get in touch with you

if we like your work, with a list of topics based on destinations that you have travelled to.

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Pick a topic of your choice and get started.

Submit your blog!

After review, we may get back to you for a few rounds of revision, following which we will credit the payment to your account based on the number ofwords written.

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At the bottom of your blog, we will add your brief bio photograph and a link to your profile.

Get paid to share your stories

₹ 2,000 for 700 words

Get paid ₹2,000 for each 700-word blog of yours that gets published on our site. Your article will be seen and read by travellers all over India, and will be published along with your name and a by-line.

*We are looking for stories by people who have traveled to destinations outside of India


  • Do I need prior experience to write?

    You do not require prior experience, but you must have a strong hold over the language, and be able to effectively communicate your experiences in a way that is inspiring and useful to travellers. You will need to submit a sample of your writing for our review. If we think you will be a good fit, we will reach out to you for the next steps.

  • Can people from overseas apply?

    No, we are strictly looking for travellers based in India. The majority of our readers are based in India, and we want them to be able to relate to our content as best they can.

  • Can I write anonymously?

    Sure! If you would like to write anonymously, we can publish your writing under a pseudonym provided by you. However, it would be great if you write under your own name - just to add more authenticity to your articles!

  • Who owns my work?

    As a freelancer, you retain legal copyright on your work. We just license it to publish on our website. Plagiarism will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

  • What if my article isn't approved?

    Once we reach out to you after reviewing your samples and fix on a topic, we will help you work on your article until it’s ready to publish. This will require a few rounds of feedback and edits. If your work requires more than two rounds of edits, your blog may not get approved.

  • How and when do I get paid?

    Payment will be coordinated through email and made via an online transfer. You will get paid as soon as your article gets approved!

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Any trip or itinerary that you plan with us is 100% compliant with all the global standards and safety protocols set in place by governments, health experts, the WHO, CDC, and other industry associations, thus ensuring that your journey is as safe, secure, and seamless as possible.

Read more about the WTTC Safe Travels initiative here.

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