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Why go abroad when you can stay safe and
travel within this gorgeous home country of ours?

Why See India With Us?

They say the familiar can reveal the most wondrous things, if only we see it with the right eyes. Join us, as we go on a journey through India, and fall in love with its range of scenic beauty, architecture, diversity, history, culinary traditions and more.

Impeccable Safety Practices

Carefully vetted experiences, pristine accommodation, and highly trained staff to ensure near-normal, safety-first, socially-distanced travel for you and your loved ones

Flexible options

We understand that there is a lot of uncertainty in the current situation, and have designed flexible packages that minimize inconvenience with bookings. All our hotel, transport and experience vendors are extremely flexible with date changes.

India Unseen Customized for You

We show you a side of India you’ve never seen before! With over a decade of experience showing our wonderful homeland to visiting travellers, we have amassed the experience and the trusted network to help you rediscover India through all new perspectives. We’ve also spent years curating a wide range of experiences that are waiting to be turned into an unforgettable journey, tailor made for you

Reliable Experience Partners and Unparallelled Customer Support

Our adventure tours, experiences, campsites and hotel accommodation are curated with the most reliable, trusted partners personally identified over the years - we do not depend on third-party vendors. And further, we provide 24x7 customer support while you are on your trip, so that your vacation remains smooth and hassle-free

Ethical and Sustainable Travel

Because we love showing you the beauty of the world we live in, we feel a the need to protect, improve, and give back to it We are recognized as a Travelife Partner for our efforts at ensuring sustainable travel Click here to see our certification

Travel with Local Heroes

Explore cities through the eyes of a local photographer; peek into the underground art scene with an indie musician; hear little-known legends and anecdotes from an architect… and form connections across cultures! Our Local Heroes will show you India, like you’ve never seen it before.

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Trained staff to pick you up in sanitized, minimum-contact vehicles complete with a safety-kit care package


Thoroughly vetted stay and dining options chosen for following the highest safety standards


No trains or buses included in any itineraries to ensure social distancing. A clean and sanitized car & driver with safety gear will be provided every morning. Filtered drinking water for refill available in cars to minimize outside contact


All local activities will be monitored daily for safety and precautions. Private visits instead of group tours, to reduce contact. All tickets handled by staff to minimize contact. Visits avoided during peak hours to minimize crowding


Doctors on call 24x7. Optional Yoga sessions to boost immunity. Medical check-ups and screening periodically for you and our staff


A tourist collects souvenirs. A traveller goes after unforgettable experiences.

Travel XS brings you curated experiences from every corner of India for the traveller in each one of us. Explore our nation’s fascinating landscapes, history, adventure trails, nerve centres, and more.

Experience India with us.

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Your Safety Is Our Priority

We are proud to be the first travel operator in India to be
WTTC ‘Safe Travels’ certified!

Any trip or itinerary that you plan with us is 100% compliant with all the global standards and safety protocols set in place by governments, health experts, the WHO, CDC, and other industry associations, thus ensuring that your journey is as safe, secure, and seamless as possible.

Read more about the WTTC Safe Travels initiative here.

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