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A gastronomic journey through Bali

There's no better way to soak in a place than to spend time with a guide learning about local food traditions. In Bali, food provides nourishment both for the body and soul. Start with a visit to a home factory and see first-hand how Indonesia's favourite cookie, the pie susu is made. Later, wander through the colourful and brimming stalls in Badung market or Pasar Badung, to get a feel of all the fresh produce that grows on the island. Learn about how these unusual ingredients are used in Balinese cooking and day-to-day life. End with a sumptuous meal of Indonesian specialities and delicacies in a Bumbu Bali, one of Ubud's most loved restaurants.




Couples, Families


Year Round


1 Day

  • Sink your teeth into delicious cookies, fruity coconut cocktails and condensed milk sweetness of Bali.

  • Stroll down Badung market to absorb the interesting aromas and tastes of unusual herbs and spices of Indonesia.



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