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Honeymoon in Bali

Exotic Bali, with its lush terraced paddy fields, idyllic beaches, colourful locals and unique customs, offers the ideal backdrop for a romantic, relaxing, yet fun-filled honeymoon. With nature at its finest, and a culture that celebrates life like nowhere else, there's a palpable joy in the air as soon you set foot on the island.

Seminyak, with its stylish designer boutiques, fabulous restaurants, galleries and exclusive beach resorts, is the place to be. As night falls, it gets even more exciting, as the area boasts of some of the most sought-after beach clubs in all of Bali.

If the crowds get to you, leave them behind and head to the quieter parts of the island to unwind in each other's company. Explore hidden coves together, hike up lofty volcanoes, sign up for a couple's cooking class or ride bicycles through Bali's unimaginably beautiful outdoors. Whatever your interests, Bali is the perfect place to explore them, and begin your wonderful journey together.

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Nature, Culture, Adventure




Year Round


7 Days

  • Stay in the island’s vibrant cultural centre Ubud

  • Experience serenity on the quiet, black sand beaches of North.

  • Scramble up to Mount Batur’s stunning Caldera Lake

  • Cycle through emerald plantations to isolated golden temples

  • Learn to cook Bali’s delicate national dishes with a private culinary class

  • Spend a night on the town with Bali’s lively bars in the South


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