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Honeymoon in Mauritius

Hands interlocked, wind in your hair, toes sinking into fine white sand and a gorgeous sunset for company - stunning Mauritius is the perfect place to celebrate your love. A myriad hued ocean and thick tropical forests, both teeming with life and drenched by abundant sunshine - be spoilt for choice for there are many ways to experience this magical island.

For those seeking adventure, there are plenty of avenues to discover the secrets of the island. Put on your walking shoes and venture into untouched forests on tailor-made treks and hikes. If you're both water-babies, choose to go diving in the coral reefs that surround the island instead.

Enjoy ultimate luxury in one of the island's exclusive resorts that pull out all stops to make your honeymoon truly memorable, with the perfect balance of privacy and pampering. Indulge your taste buds as you feast on Creole cuisine, a mix of African, French, Indian and Chinese cooking styles. Sign up for a private cooking class and take back not just recipes but stories about a unique food culture.

However you choose to explore it, this island will make sure that you will go home with memories for a lifetime!

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Culture, Nature, Adventure




Year Round


6 Days

  • Soak in the beauty of Mauritian waters on a full-day Isle aux Cerfs Catamaran Cruise

  • Snorkel among the exquisite coral reef and get a glimpse of the magnificent underwater marine life

  • Unwind at the luxury Mauritian spas

  • Indulge your taste buds - from the streets to fine dining

  • Ride into the sunset on horseback


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